Website design and development for hotels, hotel chains, bed & breakfast, guest house, mini hotel, inn, bungalow, camping, lodge, apart-hotel, motel and other accommodations


Websites have one or more of the following features:

Google map integrated


100% cloud-based

  • 100% cloud-based
  • No software to install
  • Easy-to-use by customers
  • Easy to manage


No matter which platform or CMS you prefer, we can develop a new website for you or maintain the existing one.

Customizable search parameters

You can customize the search parameters, which are displayed when a customer makes a reservation, eg maximal number of guests, number of rooms in the hotel, etc and search results display, e.g. number of rooms per page, etc.
As online booking search criteria you can separate Adults and Children as guests. You can customize maximum number of Adults and Children in each room, which will be displayed when a customer makes online reservations.

Add your categories

If you choose to categorize your hotel, you can add your own categories, e.g., ocean view, beach bungalows, city escape, business class, etc.

Adjust your reservation forms

You can easily adjust data required for reservations, e.g. phone, address, special requests, etc.

Adjust booking conditions

All-in-one platform provides with opportunity to add unlimited booking conditions, e.g. “I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions”, “I accept the Privacy Policy”, etc.

Define the age cut-offs

You can assign certain age categories or age cut-offs for children and offer different prices for different age groups, e.g. infants up to 2 stay for free or children from 2 to 11 get 20% off the adult rate, etc.

Availability calendar

All reservations will be shown in the Availability calendar, so you can easily track you reservations and manage rates.

You can choose to show availability calendar on your website.


Synced with Google and Outlook calendar

Your availability calendar can be synchronized with Google/Outlook calendar, so you can track your bookings without login into admin panel.

Synced with Airbnb and other booking platform

Your availability calendar can be synchronized with airbnb, VRNBO and other booking platforms via iCal Sync.

Synced with your Facebook page

BOOK NOW online booking function can be added as a BOOK NOW button to your Facebook page.

Connected with and more than 100 other booking platforms

all-in-one platform allows you to combine BOOK NOW online booking on your website with channel management. In this case all bookings will be in real time synchronized with all booking channels you use. Such combination excludes any overbooking or manual one-by-one check of different booking platforms. More information about our advanced channel management solution.


Flexible rates and pricing

All-in-one platform offers flexible rates and pricing, including:

  • Rates per room
  • Standard Rate
  • Rate Plans
  • Seasonal Rates
  • Rates per bed
  • Custom Rates
  • Promotions
  • Promo-codes

Color assignments will help you to manage any number of rate plans and custom or seasonal rates.
As an option, you can include taxes and fees in the rates of your hotel website.

Breakfasts and meal plans

You can add breakfast and any meal plan on per person per night basis for your hotel. The breakfast and meal plans can be added as a multiple options to be picked from. It will be offered at the booking and customer can select to book it.


Extra services

You can add extra services, e.g., airport transfers, cleaning fee, city tour, excursion, extra linen set etc. for online bookings your hotel websites. The extra services can be added as a multiple options to be picked from. It will be offered at the booking and customer can select to book it.


Booking modes

BOOK NOW online booking comes with different booking modes. You can choose any combination of these modes.

  • Book Now / Pay Later
  • Pre-paid
  • Deposit Payment
  • Pay cash
  • Pay via bank transfer
  • Pay by cheque


Email, SMS, messenger notifications

Once online booking is completed, your customers will receive an email notification with all necessary details of online bookings. This is an HTML email that can be fully customized with your hotel logo, header and footer and your own texts.
SMS and messenger (Telegram, WhatsAp, etc) booking notifications available by request.


Online payment

You can add BOOK NOW online booking with or without online payment.
If you like to offer online processing to your customers, then you can use our simple online payment processing for your customers.

  • 100% secure and DSS (The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant
  • allows different payment modes (pre-paid, deposit, etc.)
  • multi-currency
  • PayPal, major credit cards and more at NO additional charge

We understand that payment methods and gateways are region and country specific, that is why we offer customized solutions according to your needs.


All-in-one platform supports unlimited number of languages. You can choose any combination of any languages.

Back-end management

Reservations management
– Edit, modify and cancel your reservations
Customers management
– Manage your customers by adding notes, making email lists, etc.
Printable invoices
– Generate and print invoices for each reservation
– Generate and export all necessary reports in CSV or PDF formats
Different admin roles
– Flexible management system with different admin roles and privileges, e.g. Superadmin, Manager, Assistant, etc.


Guest relationship

Unlike 3-rd parties integrated booking platforms, with all-in-one platform for hotels you can develop your relationship with your guests form the very moment of contact.
All bookings happen on your website and you receive all guest details. That allows you to establish a contact with your guests right away. Moreover, all-in-one platform allows you to keep list of all your customers (unlimited number) with emails that can be exported to create a mail list.
In addition, you can integrate your guests’ email list with MailChimp, send marketing emails, newsletter, etc increasing the loyalty of your guests.


Secure data entry with SSL

All our websites can be secured by Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) and The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol


Custom domain

We will provide hosting and custom domain name for your hotel, if needed.


Reviews and Rating

Our websites come with own reviews and rating system, so you can add this option to your hotel and encourage your customers to review and rate your properties


Live Chat

You can activate live chat on your booking page. This great feature will become an additional tool to boost your bookings.




All our websites are developed using common platforms (e.g., WordPress), so there is no dependency on all-in-one platform. You own the website files and can manage it in a preferred way.



We offer modern design of your choice from hundreds of templates. NO limitation and pre-defined website solutions. You choose design yourself and we do the rest.

Our designers and developers team will find out the best solution for your website, considering your business model and type of hotel you offer.



Your website will be mobile-friendly on a responsive lay-out, so it will be compatible with all devices PC/MacBook/iPad/Tablets/mobile, etc.

Your website will be SEO-friendly, you can have Website analytics (page views, unique visitors, etc.). If needed, we can provide you with individual SEO-support.



Design and development of new website for your hotel business and its maintenance is included in all our packages. So you can have a new website and benefit from great features of all-in-one platform. We also can provide hosting.


Let us know about your preferences and we will find a tailored solution for you at the best price.



Let us know about your preferences and we will find a tailored solution for you.

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